Jantar Mantar CD

Sansaar Jantar Mantar CD image

Another magical collection of songs from Sansaar in this, their fourth album. Covering a variety of musical styles from the traditional “Holi Aavi Re”, to a Russian-styled ‘Namesteji’, and a salsa-inspired ‘Naani Maari Aankh’ that teaches kids about different parts their body. Other themes include magic spells (Antar Mantar Jantar), a song about a bird (Chakkiben) and a beautiful lullaby dedicated to little boys, but soothing for everyone (Haala Karun Hun). Jantar Mantar is a playful album full of great tunes which kids will love!

Songs include:

1. Namesteji 
2.  Naani Maari Aankh  
3.  Antar Mantar Jantar
4.  Holi Aavi Re 
5.  Chakkiben 
6.  Sansaar Ni Gaadi 
7.  Chaalo Chaalo Ne  
8.  Haala Karun Hun 
Price: £7.00