Geet Gamat Live Show DVD - PAL format

Geet Gamat DVD

Meet Jambi, Jalebi and gang in Sansaar’s original ground-breaking Gujarati pantomime, loved by audiences all over the UK. Full of foot-tapping music, energetic dance routines and slapstick humour. Join the gang as they sing and dance about all the different things that make them happy. Watch as they dabble with magic- will Jambu ever get his magic spell to work? Will he conjure up a wonderful surprise for the audience? Features Sansaar classics such as “Jambubhai na Khetherma”, “Enu Naam Chhe Vimaan” and “Nanu Nanu Sasalu”.

Suitable for children aged 2-10yrs. Live show recording. Soundtrack also available on the Geet Gamat CD.

Please note that this is a PAL-encoded DVD and will only play if your DVD player is so enabled, and your video display also allows the PAL standard.

It will not work on US NTSC DVD players and televisions.

Please also note that the Geet Gamat Live Show DVD is a direct copy from the original VHS recording of a live show performance and therefore has lower sound and video quality than a true digital recording.

Price: £5.00