Masti Maja Live Show DVD - PAL format

Masti Maja DVD

It is the last day of school and the holidays have begun. Join Jambu, Jalebi and gang as they set off to find things to do and places to see. See what happens when they challenge a rival gang to a match of tug-of-war. Will they win or lose? Who will turn out to be stronger and fitter? Features the hugely popular “Mathu Khabha Gotun Pag”, “Ek Be Tran Char” and “Diwali Re Aavi”.

Suitable for children aged 2-10yrs. Live show recording. Soundtrack also available on the Masti Maja CD.

Please note that this is a PAL-encoded DVD and will only play if your DVD player is so enabled, and your video display also allows the PAL standard.

It will not work on US NTSC DVD players and televisions.

Price: £5.00