Ramat Gamat Live Show DVD - PAL format

Ramat Gamat DVD

Full of dazzling costumes and superb music, here is another exciting adventure for Jambu, Jalebi and gang. It is show-and-tell day at school and the gang have brought in their favourite toys for display. But what is this? Someone is taking away their toys. Who could it be? Why are they doing it? Follow the gang as they try to catch the culprit and get their toys back. Features Sansaar favourites such as “Tali Pado”, “Dhingali Japani” and “Motor Gadi”.

Suitable for children aged 2-10yrs. Live show recording. Soundtrack also available on the Ramat Gamat CD.

Please note that this is a PAL-encoded DVD and will only play if your DVD player is so enabled, and your video display also allows the PAL standard.

It will not work on US NTSC DVD players and televisions.

Price: £5.00